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In-Stock Gravel Bikes On Sale Now!


Bike Barn Deluxe Tune-Up!

Now Only $69.99!! 

We wipe down the bike, degrease and lube drive-train, inflate the tires, adjust the shifting, brakes, true the wheels, tighten headset, pedals, crank, hub, saddle....if it has threads, we tighten them!  

No Appointment Necessary.  Just Drop it Off.  Quick Turnaround.  You Will Get it Back in a Few Days!

Single Speed - $44.99, Full Suspension - $79.99, Tandem & Adult Trike - $99.99


We Sharpen Ice Skates!

The Bike Barn Has The Commercial Sparx Skate Sharpener.  

A Consistent and Perfect Sharpening Every Time!  

Hockey Skates $5.00 a Pair.

Figure Skates $7.00 a Pair.